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2019-2020 Dance Season begins Saturday, September 07, 2019

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AND 2019-2020 musical theatre

“Join our dance family today… andWHAT!

  • This is our first year, you have made as feel so welcome, it’s more than just a dance school, it’s like being a part of a big family. The price of the costumes are really low. We are coming from two of the biggest dance schools in Brampton and typically paid 250.00 to 300.00 per costume. I thank you for being so cost effective. Believe me my wallet really appreciates it.


  • A New Daei is definatley more than just a dance studio, A New Daei teaches our children a way of life and living that is beneficial to everyone that enters those doors! Thank You Mr Tre and everyone else at A New DAEI Dance Studio where everyone feels like part of a really big family!


  • …to the teachers of A New DAEI, Wow you guys are outstanding and amazing and I want to thank you all for your dedication and your time and your efforts in teaching these kids some skills and life lessons. You’ve been not only teachers to them but you’ve been their friend, their mother, sister, and brother. Thank you again, you know that saying it takes a village, well A New DAEI is MY village…


  • …I would like to thank them for their continuous hard work and dedication…my daughter’s confidence has emproved immensely and she loves what she’s doing. You’ve made her realize that dancing takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and can be a lot of fun at times…you reward her when you see improvements and encourage her when she’s having a difficult day or struggling with a routine…I want to thank you and I look forward to many more years together…


  • From the smallest child to the eldest young adult, the staff at AND give all they have to students. It’s a great experience and it’s not just about dance…the discipline, patience and life skills they learn is just incredible. Our girls have come a long way…one started at 4yrs. with almost no rhythm, now she’s a beast and the other is learning leadership skills not to mention growing in technique and confidence…she’s doing things shes couldn’t do a year ago when there were tears and frustration because of her lack of flexibility.


  • …I thought I wasn’t that good at dancing and you helped me bring up my self-esteem and I’ve gotten better even with freestyling and I thank you for that.


  • …I’m so grateful for you guys in my life right now. You guys made me become a better dancer, a hard worker and have lots more confidence in myself. I thank you guys so much and my heart fills with joy and love whenever I see you guys. You guys are amazing and thank you so much. The studio feels like my family.


  • …they have given me the courage to go up on stage and be able perform in all these people…and dance in front of people…thank you for being my dance teacher and being there for us…


  • …this was my first year and I was kind of nervous but I felt comfortable after the last few weeks, it was really good…


  • …I love all the teachers at A New DAEI…if you don’t understand something they will help you and break it down for you. Some teachers are hard but it’s worth it to do a dance to make it clean…when you’re done you feel so nice and all the energy and hard work you put into it. I love all the teachers here…I’m so privileged to have them…


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A New DAEI Dance School is the newest spot for Hip Hop in Brampton, Toronto and the GTA. We also offer Ballet, Breakdance, Jazz, Acro, Dancehall and more! We are a family-friendly dance school for Toddlers, Kids, Tweens, Teens and Adults. Our school’s motto is “LIVE, LOVE, DANCE” so we have classes for the recreational, competitive and professionally-training dancers.  It is co-founded by dance educator/choreographer Tonya Burke and Tré Armstrong, lead female judge from ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’

We aim to know EVERYONE by name and take care of your kids they way you’d want them treated. Increasing self-esteem, positive self-imaging, building confidence and putting school education first are some of our main priorities.  Alongside school education we also want our students to understand where different dances originate, so we also educate about the history of all our dance styles taught, up to the present day trendsetters and dance historians.

A New DAEI Dance School is home to a special dance and acting program with Celebrity Dancer, Actress and Choreographer Tré Armstrong, called the DAEI Program. We want our professionally-training dancers to know how to be successful in the entertainment business WITHOUT making costly mistakes.  Ms Armstrong has worked with some major actors and artists including Jessica Alba (Honey), Neyo (Grammy award-winning artist), Sarah Brightman (Christine from Phantom of the Opera), dancer for multi award-winning artists Jay-Z, Missy Elliot and more!

Some of her other work includes:
Lead Dancer for Rihanna’s first ever video Pon di Replay
Lead actress in the MTV/BET/Paramount Vantage dance film How She Move
Lead in the Sundance Film Festival Documentary distributed by New York Times Network titled Breakin’ In: The Making of a Hip Hop Dancer
Choreographer for MTV’s Movie of the Week Turn the Beat Around and others
Join our family today!  #nodrama #andwhat

Love and Blessings,
Ms Tré

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