COVID Cleaning Procedures


How are you feeling? We’ve missed you sooo much and hope you’ve remained safe, healthy and positive during these times #covidsafe

Here's how we’ve prepared our studio to be #covidsafe upon return as your children are our children and their safety is our 1st priority. Please see below:

1. PPE

  • Masks will be mandatory to wear inside our studio.
  • As many youth have respiratory issues (ie Asthma) and heat builds up while dancing in studios, we will need to allow dancers the freedom to safely slide the mask down to their chin to breath, get water and clearly speak to the teacher when necessary.
  • Hands are required to be sanitized when entering studio. Sanitizer will be provided if you do not have any.
  • Touchless Infrared Thermometer will be used to screen for high temperatures. If you have any flu-like symptoms, please stay home as you may be at risk of being sick.

2. “One Way Direction”

  • We will have directional signs/icons to guide parents, students, and staff where to enter and exit the studio.
    • To access studios and washrooms, enter through Studio A first.
    • To exit, you must exit through Studio B. This is where parents can receive their children after classes are done

3. Touch-less dryers

Touch-less dryers have been installed to dry our hands in the washrooms

4. In-person viewing of classes by parents

Sorry parents, we know this is a great way to see our kids in action, but to increase physical distancing this a new measure in place to keep everyone the safest.

5. Special Saturday Cleaning Intermission:

Every Saturday we have scheduled a cleaning intermission in between classes to decrese the risk of contaminated surfaces while in the studio space. This includes door handles, high touch areas and sweeping of the floor.

6. Dropping off/Picking up Children

To keep our capacity within City of Brampton guidelines we will allow only 1 parent to enter the studio space to drop-off or pick up children for classes.

7. Waiting Area in Lobby and Parents of Toddlers

We have very limited seating in the lobby and ask all parents of dancers age 5+ to wait outside of the building for children during class if possible to help with maintaining the capacity within the studio area. There are many restaurants and cafes in the area to rest at, or even get some errands done if possible!

8. No Food allowed in the studio. Please throw food out in the garbage bins found directy outside, to the right of the double front doors upstairs at the building entrance.

Please note: We do not own the facility "Art of Dance" but treat it like we do when we are there. If you have any cleaning requests (or any comments/concerns) of the studio space in a specific way, let us know and we will get right on it by letting property managers know.