COVID Cleaning Procedures


How are you feeling?

Here's how we’ve prepared our school to be #covidsafe upon return as your children are our children and their safety is our 1st priority. Please see below:

1. PPE

  • Masks are not mandatory to wear inside our dance academy.
  • If a child displays multiple signs of sickness, similar to school, their parent/guardian will be asked to take them home.
  • If wearing a mask: many youth have respiratory issues (ie Asthma) and heat builds up while dancing in studios. We will need to allow dancers the freedom to safely slide their mask down below their nose while dancing in class.
  • Hands are not required to be sanitized when entering studio. Sanitizer is available if you do not have any.
  • Touch-less Infrared Thermometer will no longer be used to screen for high temperatures.
  • If you have any flu-like symptoms, please stay home as you may be at risk of being sick.

For details on symptoms and prevention, visit link

2. Touch-less dryers have been installed to dry our hands in the washrooms

3. In-person viewing of classes by parents.

Sorry parents, we know this is a great way to see our kids in action, but we do not allow parents inside the studios to view children, unless asked to by the Director.

4. Zoom viewing of classes by parents.

We will provide you a link to view your children live in class via Zoom. Links are for attending parents/guardians only for dancers in classes at a specific time. For privacy and security reasons we kindly ask that you do not share this link with friends or family off-site (unless it is a parent/guardian).

5. No food allowed in the studios. Please throw food out in the garbage bins found directly outside, to the right of the double front doors upstairs at the building entrance.