Summer 2023 Pricing

Fall/Winter/Spring Pricing


Hip Hop & Street Dance

Our Hip-Hop program begins at age 2, and works with dancers of all levels, from beginner to professionally training dancers. Foundations of Hip Hop, various elements and movement from old school to new school are all explored. We also explore other forms of street dance including (but not limited to) House, Locking, Popping, Floor Work, Freestyle movement and more. Students are taught various routines throughout the year to solidify their teaching.

Tots Dance

We have run our toddler dance program for over 10 years successfully bringing the joy of dance to young children ages 2-3. Each week we build on introductory movement with a focus on developing key life and motor skills. We teach dance and movement technique through interactive, fun play-based activities that kids love. We’ve got your back!


Based off of the Cecchetti style and professional dance programs found in elite North American dance companies, our Ballet program offers technical training starting at age 3 progressing to the Advanced level. We focus on providing dancers with foundational technique geared specifically to their dance level, consistently pushing them to reach their own dance goals. We have an emphasis on increasing confidence, self-awareness, posture and self- esteem.


This is where technique meets sassy moves. We offer classes for all levels, focusing on strengthening the dancers core and overall muscle conditioning as well as adding to the dancers overall ability to execute jumps, tricks and turns required in other classes. We will experience various forms of jazz from traditional to afro. A little technique here, a little choreography there and we are all good!


A perfect overall body conditioning and tricks class for boys and girls. Students learn how to actively stretch their bodies while engaging in fun, body bending activities. From round offs to flips, we explore the flexibility of the body through safe stretching, drills, complexes and moments to just show off!


A favourite with our young movers, a class where students learn old school and new school elements of Breaking from professional instructors who have learned from some of the best dancers around. Up Rocks, Get Downs, Floor work, Freezes, Boogaloo elements, Freestyle dance and a whole lot more are all explored in this exciting class!


It’s all about increasing flexibility of the back and limbs, learning some dance choreography as well as building up a dancer’s core muscles during this class. Our instructors focus on the individual needs of each dancer to make sure they are stretching correctly and learning key Acro tricks including walkovers, aerials, shoulder stands, tinsicas and more.


Afrobeat is a style of music that merges West African sounds with other forms of music, originally Jazz, Funk and Soul. Afrobeats are the contemporized movements of commonly used traditional african dances and popular moves from the Western world (ie. Canada, UK, USA, etc).


Dancehall finds its roots in the Reggae Dancehalls of Jamaica, made commercially popular by such artist as Sean Paul and Bennie man. This dance style is a blend of Caribbean roots with some hip-hop influence. Join us for a high energy experience into the Jamaican Dancehall scene.

Power Moves For Street Dancers

This popoular group class is designed to teach technique that Street dancers use to battle each other on the dance floor or to use as specialty moves in your own choreography. We explore footwork, floorwork and overall beastmode moves to work any freestyle cipher confidently. Great for Hip Hop and street forms of dance.

Contemporary & Lyrical

A popular form of dance with young dancers using foundation elements from Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and Modern to create new forms of classically trained movement. We explore the use of opposites (calm vs hyper), feeling and emotion and well as the use of our breath and space.

Stretch, Flexibility & Conditioning

Another very popular class with young dancers who want to improve flexibility, increase muscle strength & increase their endurance... the safe way! Every class is unique as we customize our exercises just for YOU! This is an open level class.

Jumps, Tricks & Turns

Ooooo, this is the class that Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dancers love! We jump, we turn, we spin, we do splits, we leap and we do some other real cool technique. It’s the kind of fun class that takes your Jazz or Ballet technique to the next level!

Competition Team

Competition is not just about winning; it’s about fun, friendship, discipline, self-esteem and the joy of performance! Our Teams represent A New DAEI at various competitions and shows in and around the GTA. Dancers are selected by audition only and the dancer must be enrolled in the corresponding recreational class to be eligible. We have all levels available for competitive: Novice (beginner), Pre-Comp (Intermediate) and Competitive (Advanced) for ages 5 and above. A New DAEI offers competition opportunities for dancers in all dance styles taught at the studio, as well as Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Open dance categories (like Acro with Hip Hop, or Dancehall and Hip Hop, etc). We have groups, trios, duets and solos that have won overall categories locally and across Canada. Please speak to management about joining our Comp Team!

Pre-requisite: Technique class for the desired style of dance to compete in (i.e. Hip Hop Comp requires Hip Hop Technique class)